About Imeldafit

How Imeldafit Started

I started running live on-line fitness sessions in April. It was clear that people were getting a good workout from these and also there was some social interaction and structure to their week. These things are all important to us all so I'm going to be running two live fitness sessions a week to increase the opportunity for some socialising and to offer more structure for your schedule. And as always you'll get a great workout!

We all know how important getting and remaining fit is, but we all need inspiration at times. You can now tailor your exercise program around your life. With our increasing fitness video/class library and our fun online sessions. You'll find it easier to meet your exercise goals.

If your trying to lose or gain weight, maybe trying to get fit for an event or generally staying in shape. We have something for you. We are busy developing our community portal where you will be able to share things with other members.

In these uncertain times we are very mindful that cost could be a barrier to joining a programme like ours. We have planned our costs to make joining our community, as affordable as possible. Looking forward, to meeting you on the inside.



"Just to say how much I enjoyed today’s class. I don’t know how you manage to come up with something different and challenging each session. It was brilliant."

"Hi Imelda Just wanted to say that the new website looks great and is very easy to navigate. I have tried 2 of the conditioning classes and really enjoyed them - it is almost exactly like doing the classes in person with you! I think it's good that there are classes of varying lengths."

"Like the 30 mins arm and now delighted to see a 30 mins core.  Easier to fit in than always an hour. Hopefully some more abs etc as 30 mins too!"

"Hi Imelda
Really enjoying the classes - esp during recent 14 day quarantine. Perfect! Try to do a core express before starting work 3 days a week and the longer classes when have time. Treat to have a new core express today. Plus new longer classes to try over next weeks."

"Really enjoying the Imeldafit classes - fit in well around work and chores. The shorter ones best for before work and the longer ones at w/e's or non work days. The 30 mins Core Express are my favourite but did enjoy the recent Hiit and Arms/back. So trying everything. Appreciate latest Core Express has more floor and abs work in it so that is great!"

Until further notice I'll be running, Live on-line zoom fitness sessions on Mondays and Wednesdays at 9.00am. These will be easy to access and £5 each. If you plan to attend regularly I suggest you subscribe to Imeldafit for £25 per month. If you do, as a subscriber you will you get access to all the on-line sessions, and you will be able to use all the prerecorded fitness sessions to add to your weekly schedule.

Our Eight days, for £8 plan.
Gives access to. Two Live Classes.
Plus Access to all recorded classes. .

Exercise can be a really positive boost to help you through difficult times. It can lift your energy levels and raise your mood. It might help you fight off illness and cope better with some of the psychological stresses we face. I think its an opportunity to get your day off to a great start!!

So please join me and use the weeks ahead as an opportuity to boost your fitness.
All the best Imelda.

Our Live Zoom sessions are fun and challenging.

Dust off those muscles, take back control.